Organisation der Transdisziplinaritätsforschung

The TdLab of ETH Zurich conducts the transdisciplinarity research together with the Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS) of KIT and the Research Center for Sustainability (FFN) of FU Berlin. This group of scientists*, reinforced by researchers from the Institute of Radioecology and Radiation Protection of Leibnitz University Hannover (IRS-LUH), constitutes the so-called BegleitTeam.TD.

The following graphic shows how the groups involved in the TRANSENS project relate to each other and work together. "Representatives of the society" work together with the scientists. These two groups jointly conduct "transdisciplinary (td) research", each with their own thematic focus in the TAPs. The BegleitTeam.TD examines this collaboration to identify findings and experiences ("transdisciplinarity research"). In addition, regular reflection critically examines this collaboration and discusses possible improvements.

The TdLab conducts complementary trainings and consulting with and for the mentioned groups (support).

Transdisciplinary research vs. transdisciplinary research

Transdisciplinary research means that research is conducted on the thematic corridors of the transdisciplinary work packages (TAP) with the involvement of governmental, private sector and civil society actors*.

Transdisciplinarity research reflects transdisciplinary research processes across TAPs and synthesizes them. It also supports transdisciplinary project design and addresses the R&D of transdisciplinary tools.

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