Voices from TRANSENS

Voices from TRANSENS

Voices from the TRANSENS team

In the following videos, Dr. Anne Eckhardt and Prof. Dr. Clemens Walther provide answers to various questions as well as their personal impressions of the project. We would like to share these with you below:

Interview mit Dr. Anne Eckhardt

"TRANSENS reports claim to reflect new scientific findings while doing so in a form that is understandable to the interested public." Anne Eckhardt

Interview mit Prof. Dr. Clemens Walther

"The goal should be to work with citizens to create part of the solution to the problem of radioactive waste disposal in Germany." Clemens Walther

Interview with Dr. Elske Bechthold

"Together with stakeholders from outside academia, we can provide input to help solve the problem of nuclear waste disposal. "Elske Bechthold

Interview with Dörte Themann

"I realize through this work in the project how important it is to speak both languages of site search. "Dörte Themann

Interview with Dr. Roman Seidl

"For example, we are looking at the issues of uncertainties, risk perception and trust, and we are incorporating results gained into the ongoing process."-Roman Seidl

More voices from TRANSENS will follow here soon.


Your TRNASENS team!


Remlingen-Semmenstedt citizen measurement station

Public events of the citizen monitoring station in Remlingen-Semmenstedt in March 2022.

The research association TRANSENS gives citizens the opportunity to measure radioactivity in their environment themselves through the citizen monitoring station. This month, two events provided more detailed information about the exact activities of the citizen monitoring station and about the services available to the public.

An "open day" and an "information evening" were held.





Human stress factor

Human influences on the sealed repository - Attempt of a scientific approach

Deputy TRANSENS Spokesperson:Dr. Anne Eckhardt (risicare GmbH)


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