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The collaborative project TRANSENS, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) and the Volkswagen Foundation on behalf of the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (NMWK), is the first large-scale transdisciplinary research project on nuclear waste disposal in Germany.

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TRANSENS is a collaborative project in which 16 institutes from nine German and two Swiss universities and research institutions are working together.

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Citizen monitoring station for environmental radioactivity near the Asse II mine starts operation


Are there effects of COVID-19 on TRANSENS?


The contact restrictions currently associated with the corona crisis are a particular challenge, especially for transdisciplinary research. The TRANSENS teams conduct all meetings, workshops etc. online and include the possibility of longer contact restrictions in their planning for the near future. We are very confident that we will make the project a success even under difficult conditions.

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The safe disposal of radioactive waste is a scientifically demanding task, but at the same time it is characterised by discourses and conflicts in society. Transdisciplinary research (often referred to as "citizen science") provides the link between science and society (for more information, click here).

TRANSENS aims to research transdisciplinarily into the management of highly radioactive waste: The interested public and other non-academic actors will be involved in research contexts in a well-planned manner.

Learn more about our project, the structures and the goals we are pursuing.