Goals of the TAP

Goals of the TAP DIPRO

In order to sharpen the common goal in TAP DIPRO, an overarching research question was developed by all partners together:

How and with what results can transdisciplinary dialogues with practice partners* about law, governance, justice be conducted and what contribution do they make in the design of a good waste management process?

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To address this research question, the following research objectives will be pursued in DIPRO based on disciplinary and interdisciplinary research, enriched by the transdisciplinary formats:

  • Analyze framing, discourses, and narratives to investigate who talks about radioactive waste and its disposal and how.

  • Develop a theory of "wicked communication" that links discourse ethics and rhetoric.

  • Investigate the relationship between participation and legal framework in the StandAG and related issues regarding legal language.

  • Design and elicitation of compensation scenarios taking into account burden and responsibility sharing

  • joint economic consideration of dismantling, storage, site selection and final disposal, taking into account engineering science findings

  • inter- and transdisciplinary evaluation of the control media money, law, politics, technology and argumentation

  • reality test of democracy and participation research in dialogue with stakeholders to enable a "good" participation culture in repository governance

  • Accompaniment of dialogue processes and search for ways of confidence-building knowledge preparation and communication

  • Establishment of a multimedia workshop for the traceability and transparency of the disposal process