apl. Prof. Dr. Ulrich Smeddinck

  • Law graduate (I. and II. State examination in Hamburg, doctorate and habilitation in L√ľneburg, rehabilitation in Halle, Venia for constitutional and administrative law)
  • 1994-1995 BTU Cottbus, Fb. Environmental Sciences and Process Engineering
  • 1999-2006 University of L√ľneburg, FB. Environmental Sciences
  • 2006 Visiting Professor at DHV Speyer, Visiting Researcher at Southampton Institute
  • 2006-2013 Federal Environmental Agency
  • 2013-2019 TU Braunschweig, Institute of Law
  • since 2019 Institute for Technology Assessment and Systems Analysis (ITAS)/Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT)
  • Memberships: Association of German Teachers of Constitutional Law, Society for Legislation, Society for Environmental Law, German Working Group on Repository Research, Nuclear Memory Network