Dr Pius Krütli

  • Environmental scientist (PhD ETH Zurich, Justice and decision-making processes in nuclear waste repository siting)
  • 2002-2012 research associate/senior scientist at the Institute for Environmental Decisions ETH Zurich. Assistant/Senior Scientist at the Institute for Environmental Decisions ETH Zurich; diverse transdisciplinary teaching and research projects on various topics such as urban transformation, regional development, nuclear waste siting, waste management, etc.
  • Since 2013 Co-Director Transdisciplinarity Lab (TdLab) of the Dept. of Environmental Systems Sciences (D-USYS) ETH Zurich; further development of theories and methods of transdisciplinary teaching and research.
  • Transdisciplinary research projects in Switzerland and in versch. Countries of the global south (mainly Africa), e.g. on urban migration and climate resilience.
  • Consulting for ETH internal and external groups, individuals and institutions on transdisciplinary approaches, methods and tools