Work programme of the TAP TRUST


Work programme of the TAP TRUST

TRUST consists of four modules involving the Citizens Workgroup (German: Arbeitsgruppe Bevölkerung = AGBe) and groups of different scientific expertise: transdisciplinary research (ETH-TdLab), radioecology and radiation protection and social psychology (LUH-IRS), engineering (TUBS-IGG) and geomechanics (TUC-LfDG):

  • Module 1 (LUH-IRS, ETH-TdLab) reflects the overarching framework of the whole TAP. This is fundamentally about the interaction between scientists and representatives of the general population (AGBe - see below) and the importance of trust,
  • Module 2 (LUH-IRS, ETH-TdLab) involves citizens in the collection and analysis of environmental monitoring data,
  • Module 3 (TUBS-IGG) deals with the joint determination of uncertainties and acceptability in certain technical aspects of a potentially required retrieval,
  • Module 4 (TUC-LfDG) covers the discourse on near-field monitoring for disposal.

The AGBe plays a central role within the work of TRUST. This group includes people of different age types, both genders, and different professions from nine different German states. It was recruited from an online start-up survey in which about 5000 people participated. About 700 of these had expressed interest in joining AGBe. Using various criteria (e.g. basic technical understanding, communication skills, etc.), 17 people were finally selected to participate in the AGBe in an elaborate, staged process.

The AGBe met for the first time in September 2020 for a founding meeting in Hanover and began its work.