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Citizens Workgroup

Function and recruitment of the Citizens Workgroup in TRANSENS

In the TRANSENS research project, a group of people from outside the scientific community is involved throughout the entire project duration - the Citizens Worksgroup (AGBe for short). After about 700 people had expressed their interest in participating in the AGBe in a representative online survey (approx. 5,000 respondents) developed by the Institute of Radioecology and Radiation Protection (IRS, LU Hannover) and ETH Zurich in spring 2020, 17 people (nine women and eight men) were finally selected through a criterion-guided, multi-stage procedure. In this process, socio-psychological criteria (e.g. ability to work in a team) as well as a balanced ratio of educational and age groups were taken into account (see also: Recruitment report). Furthermore, as an 'extended peer community' (Funtowicz & Ravetz, 1993), the persons were not to be experts or stakeholders in the field of final disposal.

On 26 September 2020, the constituent meeting took place in Hanover with 15 people from seven German states travelling to the meeting.

The AGBe currently consists of 16 members who contribute their opinions and knowledge to the research process and reflect on and work on different issues together with the project participants from different scientific disciplines. Below you will find reports on previous workshops.

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Recruitment Report

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Workshop "Trust and Monitoring" (1st day)

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Workshop "Trust and Monitoring" (2nd day)

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Workshop "Trust and Monitoring" from the perspective of AGBe