Within the module Education and Training (EDU), a number of inter- and transdisciplinary formats are carried out in TRANSENS. One focus is on the (interdisciplinary) co-production of knowledge by young scientists from different disciplines, as well as on the (transdisciplinary) inclusion of the population and stakeholders in the process of knowledge production. Accordingly, the offers are mainly - but not exclusively! - to TRANSENS project participants.

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Module Catalog for Qualification in Transdisciplinary Research in TRANSENS

EDU College

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Physical-technical, socio-economic, environmental, legal and political fundamentals in the site selection process.

Lecture series

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Ten-day summer schools on the topic of transdisciplinary accompanying research in the site selection process

Summer schools

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Mixing of facilities related to the site selection process from the past, present and future


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Discussion rounds with international experts at the interfaces between science, politics and the population

Expert panels


If you have more in-depth questions about the individual contents and participation, please direct them to the person responsible for the module, Wolfgang Schulz: schulz@irs.uni-hannover.de