work program of TAP DIPRO

Work program of the TAP DIPRO

The work program in DIPRO is characterized by a disciplinary preparation of facts, the interdisciplinary understanding of them and, in the core of the research work, by workshops in which various transdisciplinary formats will be applied according to the topics set.

In the first year of the project, an accompanying group of randomly selected persons was set up to work in a transdisciplinary team for the entire duration of the project in DIPRO.

The transdisciplinary work package is divided into three modules:

  • Module 1: Scientific preparation of the transdisciplinary work and specification of TD concepts, formats and methods (1st year).
  • Module 2: Practical module with three workshops for participants from the non-academic sector (stakeholders), each dealing with different aspects of justice, law and governance. Workshop series on site stewardship at various interim storage sites.
  • Module 3: scientific synthesis

The discussion events in the workshops are prepared in detail in cooperation with the accompanying group, supported by multimedia and evaluated afterwards - by the TAP participants as well as by the accompanying group. The DIPRO partners take turns in organizing the workshops. However, all partners are represented at the workshops.