Thematic corridor and research approach

Topic corridor and research approach

The starting point for the transdisciplinary research in TAP DIPRO is the issue of justice.

Questions of justice are particularly important in relation to the final disposal of highly radioactive waste (HAW) in our society and are central as drivers for the governance of our society.

The "how" of realization is reflected in the struggle for fair and transparent decision-making processes, which is accompanied by the currently progressing site selection process.

The feeling of being treated unfairly is - in addition to the fear of danger - a significant cause for social dispute, and the negotiation of justice is thus one of the greatest political challenges...

The reasons for the perception of justice or injustice lie in:

  • the potential hazard posed by the waste materials

  • the design of the regulatory framework

  • the political governance of the repository

  • economic justice

  • adverse conditions caused by local social conflicts

  • the nature of political participation formats

  • the real and practical transferability of proposed solutions.

What is considered just or unjust is clarified in the communication and procedural steps, from which the necessity of the transdisciplinary research approach is derived.

The thematic corridor focuses on dialogues and process design in the interaction of law, justice and governance supported by the direct transdisciplinary work with the accompanying group installed in DIPRO (DIPRO-TD).


The following research topics will be addressed in the theme corridor:

  • Dialogue and communication

  • Regulatory law, "soft" forms of regulation, learning law

  • Media of regulation

  • Distributive, compensatory and procedural justice

  • Technology mediation in the socio-technical process

  • Role of media and information design